The "Joker" (known as the "Guason") is a fictional character, a supervillain of the Gothic City, featured in comic books published by the American publisher DC Comics, one does not know very well of its past; He himself has said that he is confused with what really happened, always reinventing the fact that made him change his appearance.

He is the arch-enemy of several years of Batman, who ended up locking Joker in the Arkham Asylum. There, the Joker fell in love with Dr. Harleen Quinzel and murdered Robin. When Batman started to chase after them, the Joker escaped, and let Harley Quinn be arrested. Later, a solitary Guasón decided to return by her, stealing a helicopter and tried to recover it of Amanda Waller and the Squad Suicide.

History Edit

Little is known about the Joker's past before starting his criminal career, but he is likely to have been born somewhere in Gotham City. However, it is known that at one point he fell into a toxic waste facility during a robbery at Ace Chemicals, permanently bleaching his face and changing his hair to a green color. This caused him to have brain damage, which led him to become completely crazy. Thus was born the psychopathic, fearsome and murderous man who soon after would be nicknamed "the Joker".

Over the years the Guasón became a criminal boss and began an eternal struggle with Batman, becoming the archenemy of the justiciero. After many battles, the Joker developed a love sick and twisted by the gentleman of the night, since considered "his favorite joke". Eventually, Batman defeated him and imprisoned him in the Arkham Asylum for his numerous crimes.

First appearance Edit

More or less in his first dozen appearances, beginning with "Batman # 1" (1940), the Joker was directly a homicidal maniac, with a strange appearance inspired by the joker of the poker deck that announced his next crimes To cause terror and then left cards at the scene of the crime (the first crimes consisted of murder and leave their victims smiling). Originally presented as a villain who was to be killed by an agent of the Gotham City Police Department,

Sick love El Guasón met psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel when she was assigned to Guason as his patient. Little by little the Guasón fell in love, and got Harleen to do him favors. At some point members of his gang, led by Jonny Frost, stormed the Arkham Asylum, and successfully freed his boss. They tied Harleen on a stretcher, when the Joker saw her, she reminded him that he helped him, but he assured her that he ended up leaving him in anger and confusion. Because of this, the Joker mentioned that he was not going to kill her, but to make her suffer a lot, that being said, the Guason subjected her to a sadistic and prolonged electro-shock therapy in order to twist her psyche to an irreparable point like his.

After escaping, the Guasón traveled with his vehicle through the streets of Gothic City, but to his displeasure, was found by Harleen still alive and driving a motorcycle. She stopped him, asking him not to leave her again and accept his love for him. However, the Joker replied that he was executing his will according to his plan, and she was not in his plans. Knowing this, Harleen asked her to enter, but was interrupted by an annoying driver to see them arguing in the middle of the track, Harleen quickly took his gun from the Joker and killed the driver in cold blood. The Joker then saw Harleen start aiming with the gun, but he was unable to fire, so he retrieved his weapon, mocked her, and ordered her to leave before slapping her.

Appearance Edit

Original clothing

The dress of the Joker does not change as much as it is the case of other enemies of Batman usually uses a purple suit with an orange shirt, however this one can be green, or white with lines, also uses a bow or a In the graphic novel of The Dark Knight Returns the Joker's clothes change completely, he wears a very elegant white suit, a black shirt and a tie. His skin is white and his Green hair. In DC Rebirth, his appearance will be very similar to that of his film counterpart Jared Leto.

Current Edit

The Joker currently has the pale face of white and green hair, has multiple tattoos and is the first Joker not to have such a big smile, in the film "Suicide Squad" his costume constantly changes but the original look Conserves